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The U.N.'s New Global Religion

Journalistic Icon I.F. Stone was a Communist and a Soviet Agent

Journalism Professor MacDougall was a Communist-Fronter

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Special Reports and Facts About the UN's Law of the Sea Treaty

Who Is Bill Ayers?
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Freedom, Independence and Sovereignty.

This is the battle today because America is in danger of losing what our ancestors fought and died for.




Ron Paul Emerges as Russian Agent of Influence


Russian neo-Nazis “are encouraged” by the Russian Security Services


How to Fight Putin's Propaganda


Click here: Former CIA operations officer Clare Lopez Discusses Ukraine, Russia, and Benghazi on America's Survival on TV.


Mother Russia, Alaska, and the Ron Paul Revolution


Members of U.S.- Russia Business Council


Exposing Putin's Propaganda


A User's Guide to Russian Propaganda:"Western press and media are having trouble distinguishing facts from Russian propaganda. This is understandable - the Russian propaganda machine is a mature and venerable institution p pthat engages in an art that, for better or for worse, the West simply does not practice as often nor as effectively"


Russia's War on Ukraine


Putin's Big Lie Against Ukraine


Radio Host Michael Savage Designated As American Spokesman for Vladimir Putin Fan Club


Senator Rand Paul's Statement on Ukraine: Too Little, Too Late.


"Conservative" Michael Savage is off his rocker, features Paul Craig Roberts declaring "There's not even any world-wide communism." Calls Obama official Susan Rice a "neo-conservative" and claims "Many of them [neo-cons] are dual Israeli citizens." Really? Who is he talking about? Listen and click here as Savage goes haywire on the radio with Putin puppet commentator.


Obama Welcomes "Russian liberators" to Ukraine


Michael Savage Parrots Putin
Conservatives Must Support Freedom for Ukraine


Rand Paul takes Russia's Side Over Ukraine


Russian Propaganda Operations Target the U.S.


Senator Marco Rubio on Cuba and Venezuela


Anti-Communist Revolutions are Spreading


NBC's Russian Propaganda on Display


Obama Encourages Drug Money Laundering


Senator Ted Cruz: The Free World Stands with the People of Ukraine


Ex-KGB operative Vladimir Putin is a phony "conservative." CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: Russell Moore, President of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, says, "I have heard over the past couple years, many, many times, Vladimir Putin and his regime, seeking to lecture America and the rest of the world about family values and I'm just not buying it." He adds, "It really kind of makes my blood boil when I hear Vladimir Putin claiming to be pro-family values." He added that Putin is someone who was "operating as a KGB operative back during the Cold War and is now using very authoritarian and bullying measures" against the Russian population. He also said: (1) evangelicals in Russia are being "harassed" by government officials, (2) Russian officials are using the language of Christianity without concern for the content of Christianity.


Document Thief Helps Media Win Awards


What "60 Minutes" Didn't Say About Russia


DOCUMENT THIEF HELPS MEDIA WIN AWARDS. The George Polk Awards, supposedly given "to honor special achievement in journalism," have been awarded to several recipients of stolen documents. An official press release calls them "four reporters who revealed the extent of secret surveillance and massive data collected by the National Security Agency." But their "revelations" are based on classified documents stolen by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, now under the control of the Russian intelligence service, the FSB. A recent USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll found that, by a margin of 54%-38%, those surveyed say Snowden should be prosecuted for his crimes. Go HERE for our special section on Snowden: Traitor, Not a Hero


CBS 60 Minutes: American's fight to expose corruption in Russia. Businessman Bill Browder says his life has been threatened as a result of his claims of corruption in the Russian government. Click here to watch the segment.


Dana Milbank of the Washington Post Publishes E-mails Backing Claim that Sen. Rand Paul "stole" NSA Lawsuit
(Read the emails here)



Wednesday night America's Survival TV Roku show:

The New Age Movement with guest Constance Cumbey



Obama's Narco-Nation. Drug cartels are moving into Colorado, says Tom Gorman, director of the Rocky Mountain drug trafficking task force, even while the Obama Administration is facilitating the marijuana industry in violation of federal law. CLICK HERE to read the report from the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.


"The Real Zombie Apocalypse: WND Whistleblower magazine exposes the drugging of America. Click here to read Cliff Kincaid's article "Progressives Now Want 'Psychedelic Medicine."



Expose Senator Rand Paul and the Snowdenistas


No wonder Putin Looks Good: Obama is “Advancing the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Persons Worldwide” and making it “A State Department Priority.” Obama also launches “International Day Against Homophobia.”


Gay Rights Aside,Is Obama Working for Putin?


Putin Poses as Defender of Christian Civilization


Accuracy in Media Exposes Olympic-Sized Russian Corruption


Video of "Disinformation: Inside the Russian-born Science of Influence", featuring Professor Ronald J. Rychlak, co-author of Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism. Click here.


Maryland Mall Shooter was a Pothead



NBCs Sochi Olympics: a "Festival of Corruption," courtesy of the $70 billion man, Vladimir Putin, the richest man on earth. Click here.


Read Senator Sessions Memo on Immigration Amnesty Disaster


Maryland Mall Shooter was a Pothead


NBC to Air "Festival of Corruption" Olympics


Obama and Stalin's Legacy in Ukraine


Liberalism, Mental Disorders and the Maryland Mall Shooter


Republican Party Honors Russian Spy Edward Snowden


Who's Behind "Big Marijuana" and Obama's Soros-funded Narco-Nation. Learn who's behind the destruction of young minds for fun and profit. CLICK HERE TO WATCH OUR AMERICA'S SURVIVAL TV INTERVIEW WITH DR. DAVID EVANS. Marijuana lowers IQ and leads to mental illness. Look who stands to make big bucks from creating marijuana addiction among young people. David Evans is the Executive Director of the Drug Free Projects Coalition. He is a Special Advisor to the Drug Free America Foundation. He practices law in Flemington, New Jersey. Plus, what did the NSA learn while conducting surveillance of Barack Obama?


Obama endorses marijuana legalization, as researchers find permanent brain damage and loss of IQ from the drug. 

CLICK HERE TO Watch Dr. Madeline Meier of Duke University discussing the effects of marijuana use on IQ.


Sugar Daddies for the Global Left


Cliff Kincaid radio interview with Marc Bernier:
What does the NSA Know About Obama?


'McCarthyism' by the Numbers


Barack Obama Has Opened the Marijuana Floodgates 


What does the NSA Know about Obama?


Former NSA analyst Russ Tice says Barack Obama was under NSA surveillance before he became president. But he doesn't seem to understand why. CLICK HERE FOR EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS


NEW VIDEO. The collapse of Communism? Czech defector Robert Buchar talks about Putin, Obama, the KGB, and Islamic terrorism. What about the Russian Winter Olympics in February? The December bomb attacks in Volgograd. Plus updates on Benghazi and Nelson Mandela's devotion to Russian communism. Click here.


Center for Security Policy Issues Rebuttal of Obama Review Group's Ill-Advised Recommendations on Intelligence Reform (PDF)


Senate report says Benghazi attacks tied to Al Qaeda groups. Click here. (PDF)


The Warped Priorities of the American Press


New Patriotic Movie Blasts the Media as Obama Sounds Retreat in the Face of Jihad Terror


Homosexual Lobby on the Attack Again


"Best Notable Quotables of 2013: The Twenty-Sixth Annual Awards for the Year's Worst Reporting."


Obama, the Fed, and the Phony Economic Recovery


Should the NSA Be Watching Senator Sanders?


Was the global financial crisis triggered on purpose?


"The biggest case of insider trading in US history…The Dow will be at 2000 or lower." Read "The Fed and the Phony Recovery" by Zubi Diamond, author of Wizards of Wall Street. 

 Click here for special report.

Should the NSA monitor the activities of Congress? 
EXCLUSIVE: Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and the Soviet "active measures" apparatus.

Click here for documents


Karl Rove Republicanism is a Recipe for Disaster


Cliff Kincaid, President, America's Survival Inc., to discuss "Barack Obama and the World Communist Movement" at January 25, 2014 event in Frederick, Maryland. Open to the public. Click here for more details.


Stephen Colbert and Me

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Who Killed the Kennedys? Click here

Author Carol Byrne Warns of Socialism in the Roman Catholic Church, as the American Bishops Promote Marxist Dorothy Day as a Saint. Read the exclusive interview and learn about these shocking developments here.


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United Nations "World Summit"

Shocking Truth Uncovered About U.N. Taxation Plan

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Secret Agenda: Law of the Sea

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U.N.'s "Mother of the Oceans" Exposed as Radical Socialist and Loony Leftist; the Curious Background of the Law of the Sea Treaty

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