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Sinister Secrets of the U.N.'s Law of the Sea Treaty: The World Government Connection

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Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Interviews
ASI President Cliff Kincaid about Law of the Sea Treaty

Why President Reagan Would Still Reject the Law of the Sea Treaty
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Will the Senate Be Told the Truth About the Law of the Sea Treaty?
The Senate should be told that ratification of the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) would help to establish a new global or transnational legal order and undermine America's constitutional republic.

NBC Promotes Bogus Russian Claim to North Pole
On the NBC Nightly News on August 13, Brian Williams introduced a story about Russian claims to the North Pole that featured an image of what viewers were led to believe was a small Russian submarine under the polar ice.

The North Pole is Ours, Not Russia’s. Tell the U.S. Senate to Assert and Protect America’s Valid and Rightful Claim to Arctic Riches. Reject the U.N.'s law of the Sea Treaty.
State Department officials, led by Condoleezza Rice’s top lawyer, John B. Bellinger III, are telling the press that the U.S. should immediately ratify the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) in order to contest Russia’s claim to the seabed under the North Pole.

Build More Ships Or Hire More Lawyers?
THE SECRET IS OUT: "I think someone said how few ships there are compared to how many there used to be. We don't have the capacity to be challenging every maritime claim throughout the world solely through the use of naval power. And [we] certainly can't use the Navy to meet all the economic interests."

Bush-Backed Law of the Sea Treaty is a Trojan Horse for International Slip and Fall Lawyers
This report how radical activists intend to use UNCLOS to sue the United States on the grounds that the U.S. emmits to many greenhouse gas emmissions...

International Law Expert Declares That the Law of the Sea Treaty is Unconstitutional
According to Julian Ku, Associate Professor of Law at Hoftra Law School, "...Art. 39 of Annex VI, does raise a real potential constitutional issue. This provision refers to the effect of decisions of the Seabed Disputes Chamber,..."

See Our Anti-Law of the Sea Ads in the Washington Times

The U.N's Seasick Treaty:
What You Must Know as the Senate Prepares to Vote.

In Their Own Words:
How the UN's Law of the Sea Treaty Subverts U.S. Sovereignty

America's Survival, Inc. and Judicial Watch Lodge Complaint With State Department Over Misleading Testimony on Law of the Sea Treaty Click here to see the complaint (PDF)


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