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U.N. “World Summit” Document Expands Power of World Body;
National Sovereignty Undermined and Children’s Rights Treaty Endorsed
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While Ambassador John Bolton managed to water down references to global taxes in the U.N.’s final “2005 World Summit Outcome” document, the completed declaration still runs contrary to U.S. interests and glorifies the United Nations as the solution to humanity’s problems. 
The World Summit was a stage for lunatics and enemies of the U.S., including Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Iran’s terrorist President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as well as anti-American non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
At a news conference, Chavez referred to “beloved Cuba” and called Cuban dictator Fidel Castro an expert on hurricanes who linked their intensity to climate change and global warming. He called the U.S. a “terrorist state” and said the war in Iraq was illegal and immoral.
Urging the creation of a “New International Economic Order” and a “New International Political Order,” Chavez said the right to veto by permanent members of the U.N. Security Council should be abolished and that the General Assembly “must have more power” in the world organization.
Chavez supporters distributed a little brown pamphlet to reporters showing the face of Chavez on the cover with the quotation: “We must not let our arms fall or our souls rest until we have saved humanity!”
On the critical matter of the World Summit document and global taxes:
In an unprecedented and ominous move, the document endorses the so-called “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P), calling for the U.N. Security Council to “help protect populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.” This is a dramatic expansion of U.N. power that gives the world body the right to intervene in the internal affairs of member states. The proposal, which undermines the sovereignty of nations, has been promoted by the government of Canada and the World Federalist Movement.
The pro-world government World Federalists called this provision one of the “few successes” of the World Summit.  
In another surprise to conservatives, the document calls upon member states to adopt the Convention on the Rights of the Child, a treaty that justifies U.N. interference in how families raise their children and has been interpreted to prohibit spanking.
At first, the U.S. had objected to references to the “Millennium Development Goals” (MDGs) because they suggested the U.S. had to meet U.N. demands to spend a certain percentage of Gross National Product on foreign aid. But the MDGs stayed in the document.  And President Bush, in his U.N. speech, declared that, “We are committed to the Millennium Development goals.” The U.S. position is that it supports “the development goals of the Millennium Declaration” but not the detailed and mandatory “Millennium Development Goals,” which were cooked up by Annan and never formally adopted by member states. This is apparently why, in the president’s speech, the “g” in goals was lower case.
Still, Annan adviser Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, claims the U.S. owes $845 billion in additional foreign aid spending under the MDGs. Sachs runs the U.N.’s “Millennium Project.”
In his speech to the world body, President Bush pleased the U.N. by suggesting that poverty breeds terrorism. This formulation justifies more foreign aid spending.  Bush also urged the Security Council “to put the terrorists on notice” by voting for a resolution “that condemns the incitement of terrorist acts.” The Security Council did so but didn’t define the word “incitement.” 
The president said, “We must complete the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism that will put every nation on record: The targeting and deliberate killing by terrorists of civilians and non-combatants cannot be justified or legitimized by any cause or grievance.” But the U.N. can’t agree on a definition of terrorism.
Bush endorsed a U.N. “Democracy Fund,” saying, “Through the new U.N. Democracy Fund, the democratic members of the U.N. will work to help others who want to join the democratic world. It is fitting that the world's largest democracy, India, has taken a leadership role in this effort, pledging $10 million to get the fund started. Every free nation has an interest in the success of this fund -- and every free nation has a responsibility in advancing the cause of liberty.”
Citizens for Global Solutions, the U.S. arm of the World Federalist Movement, strongly endorses the proposal. But the notion that the fund will support or promote U.S.-style democracy has been shot down by the U.N. itself. The U.N. says the Democracy Fund “will not support any single model of democracy” and that Secretary-General Kofi Annan has said that “democracy does not belong to any single country or region.”
In one of its sillier provisions, the World Summit document claims that “sports can foster peace and development” and urges “discussions in the General Assembly for proposals leading to a plan of action on sport and development.” The document also recommends adoption of the U.N. Convention against Corruption, despite the corruption problems at the U.N. itself. 
Some other odious provisions include:
On other matters:

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