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Marxism in the Catholic Church

New Explosive Report - Sowing the Seeds of World Government: The Vatican's Quest for a World Political Authority (PDF)
Who's Behind the Socialist Blueprint for Health Care? (The answer may surprise you).
An Eye-Witness Report: How the Catholic Bishops Did Nancy Pelosi's Bidding and Lobbied for Socialized Medicine
Washington Times Reporter Documents Catholic Bishop Lobbying for Socialist Health Care Bill; Backroom Deals Made in Office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Catholic TV Host Challenges Bishops on Funding of Left-wing Causes; Catholics Urged to Boycott Collection for Catholic Campaign for Human Development
Atheist George Soros Funds Catholic Groups
Vatican, Catholic Bishops Back Obama's Socialist Health Care Scheme(PDF)
NEW REPORT: "Conspiracy Theories, the New World Order and Rome." Click here to read a new special report from Teresa Stanfill Benns on what is happening in the Roman Catholic Church and how it relates to the campaign for world government. (PDF)
Obama's Secret Catholic Connection: Why the Vatican Backs Obama's Global Agenda
Vatican Praises Obama, Saying Nobel Peace Prize "may generate the expected results for the future of humanity."
The Bigger Scandal: Catholic Church Funding of ACORN
Roman Catholic Pope Endorses World Government
NEW REPORT: How Marxism Infiltrated the Catholic Church and Barack Obama Conquered Notre Dame (PDF)


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