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In The Extreme Make-Over of William Ayers: How a Communist Terrorist Became a “Distinguished” Professor of Education, published by America’s Survival, Inc., Mary Grabar reveals that

  • Ayers’ education philosophy has remained consistent from his description in Fugitive Days, when as a twenty-year-old, “I walked out of jail and into my first teaching job” (78).
  • A review of Ayers’ “scholarly” books and other writing reveals an unsubstantiated promotion of “experiential” methods, where students are assumed to be constructors of their own knowledge.
  • Authorities quoted at length—for the benefit of future teachers—are all of the same radical left-wing bent as Ayers himself.
  • As a professor of curriculum, Ayers tells future teachers to eschew curriculum, except as false evidence in the event an administrator should ask for it.
  • Ayers tells future teachers that their knowledge of the subject matter they teach is of no consequence.  They need not be “one step ahead” of their students, but instead plunge with them into the “unknown.”
  • Ayers counsels future teachers to rely on emotion; their most important quality is “love.”
  • In his books, Ayers offers no evidence that his strategy works, and cites no studies, surveys, or the opinion of mainstream scholars.
  • Ayers, in fact, disdains evidence, knowledge, standards, or rules of any kind. 
  • Ayers regards testing and grading of students as evidence of an imperialistic culture, one that needs to be overthrown.  That is the aim of the “social change” that he presents as the preeminent function of education.
  • The “social change” is aimed towards communism and the techniques that Ayers uses are recycled Stalinist strategies of undermining American culture and education in order to bring about revolution. 
  • Ayers’ techniques and his strategy of fomenting racial discord are the same communist strategies that communist defector Louis F. Budenz outlines in his 1954 book, The Techniques of Communism. 
  • Ayers’ speeches in the Marxist-run country of Venezuela are consistent with these other methods of promoting communism.


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