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The U.N.'s New Global Religion

  • Who Will Dare Investigate the U.N. Vatican Tie?
  • Roman Catholic Pope Endorses World Government
  • Special Background Information on Global Religion

  • Part One - (PDF)
    • "Global Religion and the United Nations' Agenda for a Post-Christian World," excerpts from America's Survival, Inc. report
    • "Another Gospel: Mixing Church and State at the U.N.," By Cliff Kincaid
    • "Al Gore, the United Nations, and the Cult of Gaia," by Cliff Kincaid
    • U.N. "Environmental Sabbath" Campaign
    • "U.N. Sponsors Global Religion," from February 1999 edition of the American Sovereignty Action Project (ASAP) report.
    Part Two - (PDF)
    • "The United Nations and the New World Religion" By Cliff Kincaid
    • "Holy War," a chapter from the book Global Bondage by Cliff Kincaid
    • "Life Unworthy of Life," a chapter from the book, Global Taxes for World Government by Cliff Kincaid


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