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Who Is Bill Ayers?
The Truth About the Weather Underground

Weather Underground Logo

Cuba Vs. U.S. Imperialism SDS pamphlet
U.S. Imperialism SDS pamphlet
Vietnam War SDS pamphlet
Which Side Are You On? SDS pamphlet
Columbia University SDS Mark Rudd pamphlet
The Terrorist Underground in the United States
The Weather Underground 1975 Congressional report
Mike Klonsky on Developing a Revolutionary Student Movement
The Last SLA Statement
The Origin of Student Subversion on the Campuses
The SDS plan for America's High Schools (1969)
Dragon: Publication of the bay Area Research Collective
Prarie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism (163 pages PDF)
Outlaws of Amerika: The Weather Underground Organization (106 page - PDF)
Brandeis: School for Terrorists?

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Photos of shrapnel used in Weather Underground bombing of San Francisco police station.

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Former Weather Underground leader and current professor Bill Ayers
speaks at Saint Mary's College in Moraga as conservatives protest.

Former Weather Underground FBI Informant names Bernardine Dohrn as bomber in death of San Francisco policeman. (PDF)

Cuban Communist DGI Official's Speech to Weather Underground Terrorists (PDF)
SDS Leadership Chart (PDF)
Photos of Bill Ayers' University Office Door and Wall
Declassified U.S. Intelligence Regarding the Foreign and Communist Connections of the Weather Underground (PDF)
Washington Post Censors Truth about Weather Underground Terrorists
Bill Ayers in Venezuela, Part One
Bill Ayers in Venezuela, Part Two
The Huston Report on the Communist connections of and Communist support for the Weather Underground (PDF)


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